i think i'm starting to feel bored. i had worked 60+ hour work weeks for three years and it's taken me a mere 8 weeks to feel that watching tv and sleeping might not be enough.

i've started looking for volunteer opportunities, because like a shikoku inu, i require much socialization.

my husband predicts that nine months past his sister's wedding date is the latest (!!!) he expects to be an uncle. i truly truly envy her, and not because she will have a baby at 23. Rather, that she can responsibly have a baby at 23. i don't want a fucking baby, but if my husband and i were to have such a monster, i imagine hospital bills would easily send our debt into 1G. i would, however, like a life not centered around paying student loans. it irks me so that, more often than not, one must choose between an-honest-to-god education and doing what the fuck ever at an age when the gravity of the decision is lost in the impetuousness of adolescence.

of course i assume that life is fair; this assumption, try as i might to banish it, always creeps back in. i tell myself that fairness has no place in judging this world. (alack! even grammar betrays me!)