i have mentioned that i am a nap addict, right? that i always think a nap is the best idea in the world, but after i wake up i curse my puny mind for being seduced by such simplicity? fuck, i had felt better about having sex with guys i had just met than my current nap-taking sickness.

i also have a cat addiction. i want more cats--a herd of them galloping about this mere one bedroom apartment, as graceful as deer. or i'd take the chaos don quixote let into the world with just a slip of his hand off that burlap sack. just as long as it's more cats.

for lack of soy milk, i tried to make a different smoothie. i miss my imitation mango lassi.

i almost finished changing my other diary. i showed it to my husband since he was being nosy. his reaction was "meh." he's more supportive of me taking the cat outside. i suppose i never told him how much writing means to me, particularly that one. i don't think i'll tell him.

whenever i go visit my parents, i invariably sit on their front porch. i am overwhelmed by silence. no traffic, hardly any neighbors; breeze, birds, rodents. i love it.