i prefer the way siamese cats meow. it is supremely annoying, in the most endearing way. we were grocery shopping this morning (i HATE grocery shopping on the weekends.) and we noticed while walking back to the car a sandwhich board for pet adoptions. a color point siamese cat made funny noises at us, and i wanted to bring it home. husband vetoed. we then went to look at the dogs, most of which were one-eyed chihuahuas. sad, but none for which to protest the husband.

grocery shopping this morning made me hate this city just a little bit more. it also strongly recommended that i remain a consummate recluse. i don't object.

my brother came back from cali with his friend. he really missed her--four weeks and their house falls apart. and they dehydrated her hard-earned plants to death. i suppose i should put in a visit early this week. may as well, i have some letters to post.

we've decided to try our collective hand at writing a book. a short story in that arc to begin, then a hard knock if the story pans out. he has designated himself as consultant, while i write. it will definitely be interesting. i am excited to experiment with different styles of writing and techniques. eeik! haven't actually been excited for much in a while.

nothing may top my excitement at hearing my boss was fired. inappropriate, really.

i always wonder what he sees in me. the indominitable morose voice says that i am relegated to writing, not chosen to write. regardless of motivation, the outcome is the same. and i am excited. silly excited. because i think that he's clever enough to actually make this work. and i am smart enough to just let him drive.