{mutatis mutandis}

on productivity: i've often read that by accomplishing the hardest thing one has to do that day, the more productive one is likely to be that day. does waking up count?

i finally said it to him yesterday--i don't want a career. well, not the one i'm "qualified" for. i would argue that reading, analyzing, and making arguments from hundreds of classical source texts of western civilization makes me PARTICULARLY qualified for editorial positions. i concede that the industry may have changed some since plato, but whatever. i guess i'll just have to get a masters in in whatever does qualify me to do so.

i attended the permaculture volunteer orientation. i really respect what they do for the community but christ on a cracker! they suck at being structured: an hour and a half of being "talked to" by a board member? how does this help a volunteer understand what permaculture is? or the needs of the community? they presented this inverted pyramid structure (looked like borrowed corporate bs, a la servant leadership or the like) to help us understand what we could do as volunteers... so opaque! why is it important for volunteers to know what they are doing is important? especially from permaculture?? it is inherently a community-based idea! would i waste my time if i thought it was unimportant??? moreover, i came to hear how i could be most helpful. maybe ten minutes were devoted to actual volunteer positions AND YOU MADE ME SIT IN A PLASTIC LAWN CHAIR FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.

i should really just calm down.

as i gained consciousness this morning, i realized it was raining. again. am i living in the desert or did i get transplanted to the philippines? my hair definitely says philippines.

living out of a tent for a summer was one of the best things i've done.

i miss my junior year math class with mr. franks. (how many polymaths have i actually met?)

i should probably ask myself why, after four years, i still miss that class.