yesterday was the first day in a long time i slept till noon--we just didn't set any alarms and that's when we both woke. i got up at a quarter till eight today and feel horrible and stupid. i put in my oatmeal to cook with the quinoa instead of waiting ten minutes. i went to turn on the ceiling fan and instead turned on a kitchen light.

i folded a paper airplane and toss it about when i want to baffle my pervy cat. she bats at it after it lands, hoping to coerce some other movement, then stares, then ignores.

i popped into a local tea store and it was just very very strange. i do like blends, really, i do, but to carry blends as if that is what tea is? i miss the tea house! i didn't want to order from them, but, shit!, if this metropolis thinks tea is only quaffable if it contains lavender or has a name like pina colada, my hand is forced.

i mentioned cold brewed to the lady at the shop, and she looked at me as if i were talking about beer. but seriously! cold brewing is my favorite way to make pitchers of iced tea... i just don't understand the snottiness at cold brew from one who exclusively sells flavored tea.

hummus? shiraz salad? sounds like the perfect filling for that lavash in the fridge.

i nearly lost my mind last night trying to open my pouch: i held that fucking - button FOREVER. and then i would try again. stupid me: i had the cursed metal on. (i probably should not have taken an eight month hiatus on that game.)

on drinking tea after eating a banana: weird.

i dreamt about my last job--all the store managers in the area were gathered, along with the vp of store ops, rm, and dm, with others on the fringe. it was, of course, the previous dm; the vp whispered they were there to gather evidence of her incompetence so as to term her. i'm not sure why he whispered this to me, or why i or keith were there in the first place since this took place after we both had worked our two week's notice. or why kevin seemed like he was 22 and had shed 50lbs. or why this took place in the first house my parents relocated us to after ca. or why i still dream about the woman who made my life a living hell for 1.5 years.

i wish i didn't. or maybe i wish i hadn't.