{second round}

i've taken to unplugging everything after i use it, with the exception of the computer and modem. husband will go to use the toaster, trying to get the lever to catch at the bottom, then realise his mistake. my method has also kept fat cat from turning on the ps3.

after watching the x-files episode with the kid who could read what everyone was thinking ended up in a nuclear power plant, i told husband that of course there was a nuclear power plant here. and i was right. apparently we are a bit over fifty miles from it, which relieved husband for whatever reason. it made me quesy; why is it that we don't use solar panels??

i worry to much about things that are beyond my control.

i stumbled onto an article on truthout dot org on education as political and ethical institutions. pretty normal, until i read the first sentence and realised that this was NOT written with the average american (reading at a middle school level) in mind. this was fucking post-grad shit. this was awesome, yes, and slightly terrifying. it gave me pause about putting off getting my masters... and then i looked up what i could do with it and definitively decided not now. nice.

this is me procrastinating. fear of failing is a powerful deterrent.