awesome: up before eight and i feel hungover. sad: i didn't drink any booze.

i am now in the last bit of the hiring process right now--they are running my dl and soc. i know that i have nothing to worry about, but i worry regardless of how logically i explain it to myself. maybe a better approach would be to simply give up worrying because i can't control anything at this stage? --it's not an interview anymore! it's red tape!

today i am determined to be clean, rework my other dland template, and watch some anime. tonight i have to make turkey loaf for husband lest he starve himself on all those protein bars i made him last night....

i don't know what i want for dinner.

oooo! i made cold brew rooibos and it is DELICIOUS. i wasn't convinced when i saw the leaves in the bag, but it is certifiably omg good. it almost inspires me to brew that assam i purchased, but i know that i am in no mood to appreciate it, so i must show restraint.

i am trying to select which cell phone to purchase, since the chances are good that i'll need to make professional use of it soon. my knee-jerk pick was the iphone--but there is so much proprietary shit that pisses me off about the ipad, i don't know if i want to bother with it all over again on another device. moreover, we run a microsoft desktop now, so i think i'll be using outlook more than anything else. hence, i'm leaning towards a sony phone, since i equally appreciate their design aesthetic. for what i'd be looking to use the phone for, i want or need anything with a huge screen, and ta-da! sony has a phone for that. the only difficulty is decoding which version i need.

yum, it will run on ice cream sandwhich.