it feels like a bujillion years--though i know it was only five days.

i accidently made a mustard gas of sorts while cleaning. stupid, really: i mixed bleach and ammonia. but really, how else is one to spice up their married life on a saturday night?

apropos: i'd forgotten how idiosyncratic businesses are. asking "why?" inevitably is answered with "because." i hate irrational methods--they waste everyone's time. and it's probably more annoying because i know i'm wasting my time.

on the other hand, i love that everyone says fuck. in anger, frustration, in joy, in whim. it's a revelation to not constantly be hemmed in by "workplace harrassment" bs.

i have serious doubts how long i'll be able to this mundane shit. but then again, maybe i'll love not being responsible for everyone and everything. right now, i'll just call it "refreshing."

i think i've found a yoga studio to frequent, or, at the very least, offers classes that i could attend both at the beginning and ends of my days. i'm so excited!