our fat cat got chased by our neighbor's german shepard. after much ineptitude on the part of us all, i ended up with a lot of blood on my white silk shirt.

my poor hallie! when i held him walking back to the apartment, his heart hammered and he was breathing audibly from his mouth: bad bad signs. so of course i wasn't surprised upon my idiotic neighbor approaching me, he prised his way from my arms, leaving claw marks on my neck and a bruise on my arm.

he turned up later, playing nice for my husband. they are now asleep in bed together, cute as can be.

husband and i saw the third batman tonight. really, the best part of the movie was the ending. the rest was a mixed bag; the more i think on it, though, the more i think it fell far short of the other two movies. sad, sad, sad.

i suppose now that i have a job, i should go to bed at a reasonable hour, yes?