i feel so absurdly hot! so hot that i wake up at night, that i can't strip enough layers to cool down. my office at work is set between 69 and 73; home we leave at 80. no wonder my body is confused--but what the fuck am i to do about it?

yesterday was hell and it wasn't even a payroll week. my stupid fucking lazy ass trainer spent nine hours watching me do mundane shit, then crammed six new reports into 30 minutes. fucking fucking bitch. i then stayed an extra two hours to get inventory paperwork done and transfer all donations they had pulled.

i almost took home work with me, then i remembered that i am paid hourly; i just took an extra ten minutes to fucking do it.

i am tired. and upset. that fucking bitch! she got six hours overtime just to sit on her ass and manage to train me as little as possible. but of course no one at work can verify that since no one but she is able to do her work!

for future reference, i know that means i can milk the clock without a chance of being caught. sadly, i don't see myself doing so.

fat cat hasn't been outside much. he has reverted to sleeping on the bed and cuddlying with pervy cat, much to my satisfaction.

i am almost done with dick's first volume of collected stories. last night's stories turned on 1) a machine sustained by eating one human a year, 2) a married woman who bore the child of her beloved duck sir francis.

i wish my mind were so free.