sadism? no, masochism: waking early but denying myself caffeine a la tea.

if the word doesn't have a greek or roman root, don't expect me to remember it. though one might assume that watching salo would be MORE memorable than raking one's mind for the stem maso- (is it like iso?).

i hate words named for people. ISN'T IT THE WRONG FUCKING WAY??1 or should i say: I HATE SYNCECDOCHES.

not logical (in two ways, by my eyes), but true. (again, wrong.)

work is so laughably easy. even better, my sm (misleading) makes it even easier. i got an email from accounting asking for three fedex/kinkos receipts; one i found, two i could not. i told him so, and he LAUGHED! naturally, i won't be looking too hard for those receipts.

while i would rather ramble on, i suppose i must go and present myself as, well, presentable.