{perfect hourglass}

i love mornings. they are mine.

although we planned to go up to visit my parents today, we haven't made any preparations to do so. packing for myself is out of the question: i left all my cold-weather stuff there. husband, however, god-knows-where he put his long-sleeved shit.

fucking twenty plus degree difference in 1.75 hours.

pervy cat, who wants outside to pervert around with birds and children, is vocalising her desire rather loudly. i hope she doesn't wake husband.

i think i'll take the camera and send some photos to mil. weird that i love my mil, but i do. the only bit of consolation i have for sil's wedding is that i get to see her mother, correction, our mother.

fuck: she is going to have children before she sees her anniversary. i can't imagine having children in the next decade! i want to do so much! travel so much! try so many things! all of which i feel would be irresponsible if i had children of my loins. (or not of my loins? who knows.)

i've gotten over my adverse reaction (yes, like brushing against poison ivy or getting clawed by a cat) to spin, and have moved onto accelerando. more like neuromancer and snowcrash than oryx & crake--me likey. i read (more than i should?) so i often can give a ballpark on where the story is headed. not a chance on this one. it's already told me to fuck off. twice. as if these tiny crests that i thought were Main Plot were just Yup I Could Do That But I'm Not. i admire audacity (not to be confused with stupidity).

i've been hibernating: there are so many clothes to buy! of course i want to do this on the internet which, strictly speaking, has no climate of its own. it also has no dressing rooms, so i've been learning to shop via bust, waist, hip measurements. i had earlier read that american women tend toward pear shaped, and that's transparent now. myth spoke of smaller women being more prominent "back in the day," but after scouring through many a vintage listings for 36/34/38, i'll just say that myth sucks.

oops. husband stirs.