the more we drove, the more things went wrong.

the brake light stayed mostly on, the battery light too. when we got to the parking lot and came to a full stop at an intersection, the engine made this noise--like when you switch gears on a bike but your chain doesn't immediately sync with the new gear, you get this suspension of power, then when it falls into the gear teeth, you get this spurt of power. we parked, glutted ourselves on the cold, started driving. all the lights on the dash went on, but dimmed. ditto for the headlights. very little engine power. we were almost home when the engine died completely and wouldn't restart.

so so sad. car! did i abuse you so?

i texted bro, he came by to help. we jumped the car. it died after ten seconds and refused a second jump.

some say it's the battery.
others say it's the starter.
even yet, it could be the alternator.

naturally my first paycheck of the season has to go to responsible shit (i.e. fixing car) instead of superfluous capitalist fun (i.e. shopping). i am sad.

i am, though, strangely happy. husband and i were utterly confused by the car vetoing fun, but we didn't let it bother us. thinking on how i would have acted with others, i am FUCKING SMUG.

ah, my inordinate vanity: you are so reliable.