{sal sanchez}

i had my first work dream last night. the more tenured assoc one mgr got demoted by the area mgr. something about pools.

i probably think that she is incompetent because she reminds me of ashley. in my dream, the two had face-melded--very creepy. at least this one had the sense to not get knocked up before completing high school. but then again, this is arizona, not new mexico, so the standard (of retardedness) is different.

i can't listen to the magnetic fields anymore. husband made me watch a documentary about them & now those silly songs conjure up no more silly joy. thankfully, husband was also transmogrified in the same fashion so we needn't politely disagree about musical selections.

it poured (i would like to say 'literal') buckets night before last. fat cat got caught outside in it. i went from window to window to door looking for him, wondering where the fuck he could be. then i looked a little closer and he was taking shelter under a board leaning against the side of the house. i moved the watering can so he could make his arrow-straight way into the house. i told him i liked the semi-drenched look. he patiently waited for me to towel him dry. so close-minded.

it's so hot here that chocolate bends, not breaks.