yawn: tired. though i took a two hour NAP!!!1, then slept for seven hours. there must be something wrong with me, like perpetual teenagedom.

i (finally) got my orientation yesterday. it was silly; most of the shit i already knew, being part of my everyday job, other bits were history lessons that were covered in the interview process and employee handbook. but it was nice to get some one-on-one time from my manager.

we at least agree that my predecessor (and trainer!) was a retard.

i also was briefed on the results of my "voo-doo" personality test which i took during my interview process. it was shockingly accurate, and ultimately terrifying that from just checking adjectives of myself they got all that.

it is fucking 77 degrees. the ground is wet from rain. we must be breaking some record on percipitation this summer--otherwise people have a deformed understanding of desert climates. (actually, that is also true. whatever)

i woke with my foot atop the pervy cat, who was glaring at my foot. even in my sleep, with one of my least feely parts, i strive to pet her. she hates it. i wonder if she wishes she were one of those hairless wonders bred in montreal/quebec/does-it-matter?