husband has taken over the desk--flowing over with faulkner and papers and empty cups and whittling knives and mail and unused cell phones and discs and a greek-english lexicon.

i hate it.

the sound of fingers tapping out words on the keyboard has brought the fat cat out of hiding. he thinks i should pay a toll for using this space. the mouse is inching slowly to the right as he makes himself as conspicuous and unavoidable as cat-ly possible.

he is an admirable creature.

i give him kisses as he passes by my face. he purrs louder as i do not give him what he demands.

for the car fiasco: it turns out that the battery being dead was simply indicative of a bad alternator. such amazing luck that of all the times it choose to fail, it was when i didn't need it. maybe i am lucky.

husband hasn't decided if replacing an alternator is a project for him or the mechanic. i vote him, just cuz he likes doing that sort of shit. it makes him feel accomplished.

i so rarely feel accomplished.