{tmi, tmi}

to call off work and sleep all day is tempting, but beyond what i am capable of. let's face it: i've got some serious work-ethic issues. stereotypically speaking, i could be a fucking fresh-off-the-boat immigrant.

using the same setup at home as for work encourages a strange anxiety when using the home computer. like i could be reprimanded for internet policy violation. or timeclock policy violation. not that these policies actually exist at my new non-corp job, but my last employ did a thorough (and hopefully not permanent!) rehaul of my brain. i walk by the buyers chatting merrily with anyone and everyone, and think "they shouldn't be having so much fun at work!" actually, i think it might be one of the qualities that they assess potential buyers. this company is a complete reversal for me!

i whisked right through the first book in the sharing knife series by lois mcmaster bujold. i don't think i've ever read a fantasy novel so quickly and missed so little--like lapping up the whipped cream atop a slice of pumpkin pie. afterwards i read an interview with her discussing her writing process for the sharing knife and it made me feel better. it was supposed to be romantic fluff. i'll lap up the next, i suppose, to get to passage and horizon, which are less creamy and more pumpkinny. yum: pumpkin pie.

why aren't i capable of calling off work?