i often complain of not getting enough sleep (or sleeping during the "wrong" hours), but i willingly fling myself into sleeplessness if a good book is at hand.

i am developing terrible anxieties over the thought of a ban on abortions. it isn't that i need one, or want one, or know anyone who has had one (which surprises me). it's that Other People believe they have both the political and moral right and, above all, the obligation to DEPRIVE me of my right to choose to undergo a MEDICAL procedure.

i can tell that i'm upset. i just wrote a run-on sentence. shameful.

i updated my voter registration so i'm now permitted to vote in this county. i also put myself on the whatever list to get an absentee ballot sent to me whenever i am eligible to vote in an election--very cool. i probably should have done this months ago; the billboard for corporate committee on the corner haunts me.