{pur rouge}

i had another dream in which my brother tried to kill me for some reasoned good.

if i think like an aristotlean, then i would say this dream would be my understanding of the halocaust--of which i've lately read some articles on underestimated death tolls.

if i think like an jungian, then i might wonder how my understanding of the archetype of the everyman is deeply misunderstood.

and as much as i have read of freud, my best guess would be that this somehow represents sex, probably incest. i don't particularly credit his "insight", since he also thought that feces in dreams represent gifts. pretty ballsy and uber-intellectualized, but not plenty useful.

i don't take these things (too) seriously, but i do wonder about them, like interesting hypotheticals.

i used to see this young mother around town who was invariably wearing a luminous shade of coral lipstick. i donned an orange red, in her honor.

in an attempt to not detract from my vivid hue, i chose brown eyeliner--i don't forget about people, but i do neglect my correspondence.