{nosy nancy}

it bothers me that i am bothered by my boss's total dickness.

the one thing i resolved to acheive in the next five years, husband has made moot. i fear i might have to actually accomplish something.

i started acacia after reading that it bears some resemblence to game of thrones. it is much easier to read! i can remember how it felt like a chore to commit to the first 100 pages. i blew through 120 in one sitting. obviously this isn't an absolute virtue, but i wanted something accessable but challenging. halfway there.

fat cat has been getting into the local feral cats's shit lately. he's taken to glaring out windows while throat-farting, then turns expectantly to me. i'm not sure what he would like me to contribute. in rebellion, i am going to paper the bottom panes of all the windows. motherfucker.