i (once again) traded pages for sleep. my body is in revolt.

i stepped outside, calling for the fats. in my stupor, i had missed him lurking inside. stepping back in, he gave me an amused look, as if to say he didn't know i could be so dumb.

the mosquitos managed to bite me in several places along my legs. their telos must be my supreme aggravation.

i am still inwardly reeling from husband's pronouncement. student loans finito in three years? a house--n cash--in six years? & it doesn't have to be in this god-forsaken metropolis?

atheist and heathen that i am, i have no other way to say it: i feel blessed. i didn't think i would pay off my student loans, at the soonest, five years, with a stretch goal of seven.

i think it might be time i did something productive. if only i knew what.