i don't understand how electronic transactions are faster than ones made done by hand. annoying.

i made a monstrous batch of chai. i don't think i've even tried my hand at it since sf. husband, amused at my productivity, glugs his share in silence.

i finished the second book in acacia. at first blush, i thought it was a very moral series (like narnia), rather than realistic (like a song of ice and fire). but death came quickly for some important characters who espoused The Cause, and some deeply flawed characters are now movers and shakers. i like this grey. by the end of book two, though, grey has been shifted back to black and white.

it isn't that i dislike justice or liberty, or the ideals of self-rule and equality. i just don't think a case can be argued for them in a world that pretends to be complex but is executed so naively. narnia was compelling in its beauty and simplicity. explanation of edmond's action was fine--for that world and for those that immerse themselves in it. but to name the cause of a person's action summarily (e.g. wanted attention, disliked his mother) seems a panacea; if we can name it, we can conquer it. on naming it, i think we allow ourselves to overlook the so-called perversion freeing us to deal with it (or not) as a society.

that of the four siblings, there are only two Visions of the Future is so boring. duality, especially the old-way-is-tyrannical-but-is-the-entrenched-tradition against the new-way-of-self-governance-opposing-slavery-and-drugs is impotent. stike that, i mean: PATHETIC. if i wanted to read a "moral" story, i'd pick up the BIBLE.

of course, i haven't started the third book, so all these things that piss me off could get turned on their head and i would cackle with glee. i hope hope hope that these 1000+ pages aren't idiotic love-lorn letters to morality.

i'm suddenly reminded of a bit from philosophical investigations, which, in effect, says something like: were all the world's actions to be recoreded in a giant tome, no where in that tome would you find morality. (i'll have to dig it up to get the quote, imperfect memory and all that.)

i don't really want to go to work.