{not quite amish}

i have finally been freed of my cell phone. my purse is lighter for it.

the novelty of dressing to inspire competence and superiority is diminishing. i never thought i would say it: i am tired of thinking about what to wear. even weirder: i am tired of shopping.

i think it took me much longer to get to the i-dont-fucking-care point at my old job. and then i was interested in everything again. will i again move (psychologically speaking) in a sine wave? will i always?

we bought a collar as cute as the pervy cat. she didn't vocally object to wearing it. she did, however, refuse to play or walk about much. it was so sad! we took her collar off.

the need to be affirmed as an "authority" amuses and disgusts me, depending on my disposition. yesterday it amused me. i prefer being amused.

i'd been dreading sil's wedding, but the closer the date, the more i look forward to it. mil says i'll starve for lack of edibles. i say there's always doughnuts.