i haven't kicked the habit: i chew over their problems as if they concerned me. it is a no-win. i waste my time and they piss me off by ignoring the solutions i've (telepathically) proposed.

i'm not sure what to do about it... can i go back to the uncaring girl who just punches the clock? the alternative is that i put my bid on the position i want. this presupposes that i know what i am capable of and what i would like to accomplish. you know, goals and stuff.

we rearranged the living room (again). pervy cat has found a tunnel under the bookshelf, a quick escape from my everyday bids for cuddling.

listening to the dead kennedys, the first time since high school, maybe sophomore year? unexpected way to start the day of the first presidential debate, but hey, not bad.

he keeps popping into my head: "it's FUCKING nylon." i would say this desert hell has rotted your brains, but i know that the dry heat would only preserve what precious little you were graced with.