i drink and brush up on forms of logic. in my sober moments earlier today, husband mentioned boolean algebra. i asked if it was a method for judging costumes. he ignored me and instead explained its programming applications. upon looking up the use of venn diagrams in categorical logic forms, boolean popped up again.

i should actually read about synchronicity instead of just assuming what it means.

mr. ratcliff, you are a prime example.

i used to tutor in maths. another might miss their students or the challenge of making shit transparent. i? i miss the textbooks. their strangely thick, glossy pages chocked full of exercises to satisfy, well, excercises. i miss the pointlessness. i miss the pointless accomplishment. adult & employed, i feel worthless without my textbook exercises.

i will be a terrible parent.

i require someone else to set the lesson. to set the goal. to set the problem. to grade the work. to dole out merit.

fucking fucking pathetic. great example of the impotence that public schooling breeds.