{care a fig}

got drunk and took an inappropriately long nap--i say 'nap' because i'd rather i slept through the whole damn night. instead, i insisted on bundling up in my terrycloth robe and consequently woke, furiously hot.

it seems i never learn.

coriolanus (the movie) has been rattling around my head. i took a preceptorial on coriolanus & beethoveen's coriolan overture in college. it was highly unproductive and unrewarding. and now i want to reread the play? what a strange creature i am.

what in the world am i going to get my mother for xmas? how is it that i feel perhaps more clueless about my father, but don't care a fig?

husband & i resolved to get a leather chair as our xmas gift. i don't think this is going to stop him from getting me a stocking stuffer. i'm easy to shop for--i walk around as if i were a child, constantly exclaiming "i want THAT!" or "that's fucking UGLY!"

& my kids probably will do, as i do, and it will finally dawn on me what i nightmare i am.