{glaring kitty eyes}

a day empty of commitment? it is a maw to swallow my senses whole.

i can't think of a worthwhile way to idle away this fine overcast day. had it been mercilessly sunny, i undoubtedly would have disappeared into another vorkosigan book. since i lack imagination, now & forever (this is the 0/1 slope in my life), i suppose i could just read another damn vorkosigan book.

i could clean--but wouldn't that admit that the house is dirty? & i don't live in a dirty house.

as i spiral in tighter circles about that which is the root of my (current? timeless?) agitation, i keep myself tangentially oriented. an easy thing to do! my thoughts labor over cushions, rugs, clothes, panties, dinner, p90x, employee discount, fiscal responsibility. the last, fiscal responsibility, is the closest i come to turning my sight.

watching game of thrones: i see the poor kraken boy trying to hold his identity as a kraken. endeared though embittered against his direwolf captors/de facto family; accused as a traitor by his kraken people; he fractures himself by choosing to forsake one. little wonder he loses his sanity--reek reek it rhymes with meek!

it's easier to begin to like (& perhaps later join?) your enemies when you are alone among them than to hate them & hold them aloof. i've started my own twisted journey. as the reasons to leave mount, i ignore them. why do i choose to resign myself!?!