i woke up & nothing was on. not the fans, the street lights, the refrigerator. the silence magnified the smallest noises: power-surge protector beeping, putting on my robe, grabbing the louisville slugger, stepping outside. the clouds had a pink tinge underneath; the electricity couldn't be out everywhere.

i bypassed the gate (too noisy) & walked to the street, fat cat shadowing me thirty steps behind. my white robe, eerily visible in the darkness, outshone only by the photovoltaic garden lights next door, the occasional car driving on the car street.

i walked towards the defunct stop light, my mind alight with strange un-realities. i fleetingly thought: that silly show "revolution" had inspired someone to make it a reality; how i wish that i had gone to visit my parents; how i wish i had put together an emergency box or bug-out bag. i enjoyed the weight of the bat in my hand, slightly hidden in the billowing of my robe.

south, i could see nothing on but car lights. north, the next intersection seemed to be operable. not knowing where to go next, i paused at the crosswalk. a slight buzzing began & the lights were back on.

i went home, disappointed, & fell back to sleep.