lament! bemoan! regret!

my inclination to whine through the remainder of the week straight into the weekend has been trumped by my want to not appear slovenly. attack plan: wipe down dining room table & change tablecloth; beat rugs; do laundry (especially delicates); dust windowsills & ledges; scrub doorhandles, doors, frames, light switches; sweep & mop; cursory cleaning of fridge; tidy books & vinyl.

i hate guests.

i gobbled down another naproxen sodium to stave off anything beyond minor aches. the blisters on my palm have become callous. as i sit, i absentmindedly roll my shoulders back & down, feeling muscles i never knew existed--of course, though, my ignorance knows no bounds.

i am tired of being a slave to time. i am neither obedient nor patient; free me.