{best laid plans!}

i probably leave him to his own devices for the weekend about once a quarter. i have never been left alone; i steal solitude in minutes.

i will start the weekend off tonight with haphazardly cleaning the house. i might proceed to Project Cardboard Cat House--unlikely. completing cleaning at the beginning rather than the end gives me less anxiety about dicking off for days. or sleeping for days. whatever, either, both.

redundant: i'm looking forward to my extended weekend.

after i finish a book, i don't like starting another one too soon after. i like to sleep on it; let it rest, pop into my mind, share a little about it with spouse. rarely do i read a review about it, though i crave a good review--they are too few and far between. i should probably join a reading club, inane as it might be.

fuck: i realized last night that i LOVElLOVveE hanging out with my bro & that i will sorely miss not being able to after we leave this cursed desert. i wish he would follow, though he isn't one who follows.

do i slam cupboards shut? do they reverberate through the wall? the things i don't know...