having gone to visit my parents turned my throw-away-everything-not-used-in-a-year jones into a mission. bikes not moved in a decade (or two); chairs not sat in for years peek out from beneath clothes neither worn nor wanted; blankets, bedsheets, towels collecting dust in cupboards; the exhaustive bric-a-brac multiplied over many a surface; call out to me to cart them off to goodwill.

i fear that the only possessions in the house my parents would miss are
1) my mother's (steadily growing) wardrobe,
2) my mother's orchids,
3) their three tvs, &
4) my father's weights.

or should i be thankful since i can be rid of all this crap now while they are still competent?

i haven't told them yet that i plan on paring down their possessions. if, however, past behavior is a strong indicator of future behavior, then they have likely guessed it's coming.