fucking electrical cords & wires run the length of the living room, every which way. of the adorable matching birdhouse key holders, one is stuck resolutely to the wall, the other rebelling on the floor, keys in nest. the desk is a mess--is it ever clean?

while i resent apple's devotion to throw-away capitalism, i revere the simplicity of their desktop. husband swears he can encase the monitor in the same fashion; the better question is whether he will.

we bought a lovely italian stool for the desk, whose enviable clean lines have renewed my dissatisfaction for our excesses. it doesn't help that last weekend we decided to rearrange the living room such that the cats would stop climbing onto the back of the new leather chair and then promptly abandoned the project halfway through. we consoled ourselves of our laziness: "well, since we don't know what we really want to do with a, b, & c, let's just leave it as is until we do."

during the same outing of purchasing aforementioned italian stool, i fell head-over-teenage heels with a dining set. FML! i hope my ardor will be as short lived as my high school whims: i don't really want to spend money on a table when we're looking to move. or maybe i should just say "fuck it" & stop spending $140+ a month on clothes for the next six months?

ah, first world worries. what luxury!

i dwell on what i can buy while i should be looking to start my master's program. i wonder if i even am sure i want that...

i disgust myself.