i don't know how to express my stupidity for agreeing to live in this devil's oven. in protest, i attribute my slovenliness to the heat, ambivalent towards my this simple excuse.

fat cat is such an asshole: i can feel him purring through the keyboard as i attempt to type through his overt grab for attention.

i can't listen to (contemporary) music anymore. non-stop previously-hipster music blares at work (& retail at large); radio hits from ten-ish years ago loop at shitty cafes; indie stalwarts crossing into mainstream siren at every restaurant hoping for fistfuls of cash: you have ruined music by using it in an attempt to subconsciously give you my approval (=$$$). fuck you.

i should stop being such a hater, as my brother might put it. easier said than done when I AM ACTUALLY FULL OF HATE. naturally, there is no one to blame but myself.