why is it commonly accepted that goals are necessary for personal satisfaction? lists keep things efficient, to the point, &, if someone else is involved, generally equitable. the completion of every list item is like swatting flies: just get it the fuck done.

yes, i have wants & they could be dovetailed into goals: to get the fuck out of this city; to get into grad school; to have an unnaturally sculpted body; etc. yes, they have steps necessary to get what i want; maintain cash flow while spouse in school; get pre-reqs in the fall at a local school; exercise. that is all fine & well. but when i am asked to QUANTIFY my goal on a daily or weekly basis, i would like to respond: GO FUCK YOURSELF.

i am not going to turn my life into an asset whose appreciation or depreciation must be monitored throughout. my life is not a string of well-articulated goals waiting to be accomplished & checked off. i am also not a balance sheet, waiting for the influx of owner equity. i am not training for a competition or marathon.

leave me the fuck alone.