fail: i just woke up. i adore naps, but really they only serve to fuck up my good intentions of normal.

for whatever reason, i simply assume that iced tea has less caffeine in it than hot tea. i think, therefore i am. q.e.d.

i've been playing around in my head with a new design for my other diary. this only makes me miss my old ass lap top even more; it had all my designs on it, which i didn't backup anywhere. (fuck me.) the process of creating a "new" design inadvertently makes me recall my old designs. i think i had one that was white with HUGE black polka dots, then all the writing was pink. (i miss my audacity!) i think i'll take a picture of a legal pad, or maybe my perennial favorite, squares. fantastic! i just realized i have the perfect notebook for that! the one i've been running through for my ebay page is simpler, just a rectangular block of green at the top and bottom, with white intervening throughout. thin, airily-spaced black sans serif text.

i enjoy paging through the randomly updated diaries. at the rate i return to the same diaries in my paging, it seems there are a hell of a lot less people on diaryland. this makes me sad: what if diaryland were to shut down?

i would feel as though someone died.

i like "reading" japanese diaries; mostly because i can't read japanese, so i translate them and cat! the translations are absurd. seriously reductio ad absurdum.