When i refused to open a facebook account, i wondered what facebook was like. now that i have a facebook account, i mostly regret it. i read that facebook bought facial recognition software; in my paranoia, i think, "how can i get pics of me off my friends' accounts?"

apparently me not working doesn't compromise the type of life my husband and i live. this, of course, makes me feel even more pointless.

we rearranged the living room yesterday, which we had been devising for a month or so. it is different from what i envisioned, but i mostly like it. it makes me want to buy a leather arm chair to curl up in. tuey seems upset by lack of access to the front window where she would like to spend hours "rah-gra-ha"ing at birds. hal doesn't mind since we have created a far more convenient egress.

it really blows my mind how cheaply we are living without actually feeling cheap. if we had only done it when i had a salary!... but i suppose this was only possible because i'm not working the hours when i was salaried. (i fucking hate idioms!)

maybe i shouldn't complain? i get to do whatever all day, with my cats. ideal, really. perhaps i feel off-key since every one is encouraged to be a productive member of society, and especially now since unemployment is strongly linked to the recent recession, being unemployed is BAD.

recently, i've been told separately by two friends that i would make a stupendous consultant. i was (sort of) told the same thing when i was much younger (!!), though applying to a more creative field. i gather i have seductive analytic skills.

should i chalk up modernity's fascination with formless, meterless poetry and christening it as "poetry" to its general decline? or is a formless, meterless smattering of words actually "poetry"? why are people so often seduced to try it out, as if test-driving a car?