the rejuvinative powers of a shower are astounding. it did not, however, manage to cure my headache. alas: does anything perfect endure?

in an attempt to satiate my hunger, i reheated some leftover rice in soymilk with vanilla, cinnamon and sugar. it sorely tempted my husband to cheat on his one-carb-a-day diet, but he remained faithful in the end.

i have shopped at many a natural grocers, and the one that has stolen my heart is vitamin cottage. just thinking of their bulk section makes me faint. AND THEY ARE COMING TO MY PARENT'S TOWN?!?! apparently the valley just isn't their sort of scene (mine neither really); i suppose i will have to make the trip to my parent's with that nifty cooler i have.

so happy!

i haven't carried on a conversation outside of my immediate family since mid April. i may qualify for official recluse status. this is, of course, voided if one counts written communication. i don't since non-verbal communication is excluded.

i forgot to remind my husband to buy some doohickey off the internet today. oops.

i should probably go out without my husband and socialize, play nice, make friends. i know that friendship makes life worthwhile, but i am honestly so bad at it: i take what i want, viz. diversion, and skedaddle. often this is in flight of betraying their understanding of me and our relationship in a painful, embarrassing manner. pretty much what i do.

i know. i am filth. filth who got married and is loved qua filth.

maybe i can not be filth? who knows, i may surprise myself. and if not, i'll find it easy to escape into a city of 1.6 million. (though it doesn't feel that big.)

i want cucumber salad. and french toast. not together.