my cutest, softest cat (probably ever to exist) will jump up the cupboards in the bathroom and watch me while i shower. a few weeks ago when the baby birds just started hatching, husband discovered one along the pathway. we took cutest, softest cat out for her first kill--taking candy from a baby, right?--but she would just gra-ha-ah from a distance. in fact, she was positively alarmed when the baby bird hopped towards her. of her other charming idiosyncrasies qua cat, she likes to curl up in my panty drawer. (we have changed drawers with the same result: panties.) for these reasons, we affectionately call her the pervy cat.

yesterday in the shower i thought: if re-incarnation is real, i probably have a human pervert living as my pervy cat. i don't mind--after getting spayed, how could i hold voyeurism against her super-cuteness, her uber-softness?

i say voyeurism because she hates it when i pick her up like a baby and coo and cuddle her.

such stories make me believe divine justice is plausible.

*sigh* i have so much housework to do.