after months of desert heat, it is now overcast and raining. i could be in ohio, portland, or upstate new york and hardly know the difference (though perhaps i would have also traveled in time since this is more like fall than winter). it rained so hard we couldn't see twenty yards ahead.

in protest to the rain gods, fat cat decided that if he couldn't water his usual spots, he would water inside. he peed on husband's recently purchased pokemon guide.

in an attempt to warm myself, i'm drinking stupidly expensive tea from teavana. when the nice lady told me how much two ounces (the minimum purchase amount) cost, i nearly backed my way out the door. husband, covering my shock and embarrassing reaction, declared he was buying the tea. now i sip, and marvel at its depth of flavor & my inability to describe it.

though husband & i have been living together for three plus years, we haven't bought a single piece of furniture. we broke our streak today when we went into copenhagen & special ordered a beastly modern leather chair in a pretty grey. BUT IT WILL TAKE FUCKING TWELVE WEEKS TO GET IT! or we could have been instantly gratified and taken it in black. we've waited three years, what is another three months?