nine hours of sleep and awake before 7AM?!? i feel accomplished!

husband and i went out into the fierce heat late afternoon yesterday to get cat toys. this was to assuage my fears that we are bad cat parents since we don't play with them enough and we don't have them on a daily regimen.

probably, though, i've just watched too much animal planet.

as to what i hoped to accomplish yesterday, i did all but the turkey loaf: we hadn't bought enough oatmeal at the store for protein bars and turkey loaf. oops! just have to make it tonight.

i am all gooey about my new design. yum, red.

i wasn't expecting my dl and soc checks to clear so quickly--they were only put in at 4PM friday--but i got a call late yesterday asking me to show up today at nine. woot! signing intake paperwork!

speaking of which...