i am horribly tired, but my mind won't quit working shit through in an annoyingly conscious way. so: i have come to barf them out on the interwebz.

i truly cursed myself this morning when i wrote that my job is laughably easy. the simplest things were in disarray. getting the correct answer sans fallacy or emotional bs was taxing. fucking hamsters.

my working relationship with my sm is awkward and fraught with social pressure, sadly like puberty. i assume much is my fault: i am quite assertive and used to being alpha. this doesn't mesh well with being an office flunky--it confuses everyone, at the store and at g.a. i'll just have to learn how to be a spineless, rule-loving administrator.

so dull.

i suck at correspondence. i'd rather just think about poetry, even if it is 19th century french.