{circular agitation}

my boss complains of his ungrateful teenage sons. i bite my tongue & silently fume at his lack of understanding! his rigid, narrow-minded world! i am baffled by his immaturity! he acts like an adolescent yet comprehends nothing about his adolescents!

i know i bridle not at his idiocy with his sons but at the transposition of my parents onto him. my summers, if good, were full of sleep, books, nuclear friends, adventure, my dog, a smattering of hooliganism; if bad, were peppered with parents & extended family. generally: why do parents forget what they wished for when they were young?; why do they oblige their offspring to do things that will take decades for them to appreciate, if ever?

fucking parents. (i should probably visit mine this weekend.)

on a different note, but same sentiment: i am not a patient person. i am tired of the delays. i am tired of wanting. i am bored (& frustrated) with working jobs where i do stupid things for stupid people all day, every day. my quota for other's stupidity is full, has been met for some time. spouse: hurry-the-fuck-up already & graduate so i can stop mourning the job i quit so you could go back to school by, namely, quitting my job & going back to school.